Pandemic Survival Tournaments

The West Australian Boardgaming Association Inc. (WABA) is pleased to announce that WABA will be running a Pandemic Survival Tournaments at the July WABA Mt Claremont and Thornlie meets (Saturday 9 July 2016 and Saturday 23 July 2016).

Pandemic Survival is a competitive cooperative team game (or a cooperative competitive team game) of Pandemic based on a structure by ZMan Games. Pandemic is a cooperative game where you work together to treat disease hotspots while researching cures for each of four plagues before they get out of hand.

In Pandemic Survival, teams compete against other teams to see who can outwit, outlast, and outcure the diseases spreading in their own parallel world. All worlds will start with the same infections.

Epidemics will strike all worlds at the same time. Each team will have of three disease specialists, each with special skills, that will work together to tackle the problem of emerging diseases – seeking to cure and hopefully eradicate them. Win by being either the first team to cure all 4 diseases or be the last team surviving.

For more details and if you wish to enter, see here for the tournament at Mt Claremont and here for the tournament at Thornlie.

Top 10 Most Played Games at WABA in 2015

There are four regular monthly boardgaming meets that WABA is involved in, and collectively many boardgames get played. Even if you attend all meets, you may not be aware of all the games that get to the table. Whether you’re new to modern boardgames or are a longtime member, you might be interested in what were the most recorded played games at WABA in 2015.

Top 10 Most Games Played in 2015
1. Spyfall
=2. Codenames
=2. King of Tokyo (sometimes with expansions)
4. Sushi Go!
5. One Night Ultimate Werewolf
6. 7 Wonders
7. Splendor
=8. Red7
=8. Witness
=10. Ticket to Ride
=10. No Thanks!
=10. Smash Up (sometimes with expansions)

For more details, see here.

February’s WABA Thornlie meet (27 February 2016)

Boardgaming in 2016 is well under way, with there having been already 7 WABA meets this year. This Saturday is the 4th Saturday of the month, so we’ll be again meeting for the WABA Thornlie meet at The Forest Lakes / Thornlie Family Centre, 39 Towncentre Drive, Thornlie WA 6108. With entry only $5 (or free if it is your first time), you can come having planned what to play or just see what catches your eye on the day.

-Take the part of alien races and gods taken from the Cthulhu mythos as you work towards your Great Old One via the Doom Track in the physically large game Cthulhu Wars.

-Set off into space as you take control of a mighty fighting force, build and command armies in the Herakon Cluster in unending war as you seek to complete your objectives. Seek to either stride triumphant over the bodies of your fallen foes or have them do it to you in the 2015 published game Forbidden Stars.

-Are you interested in learning wargames or consider yourself a wargamer? A group of WABA members are looking to organise a (at the moment) one-off gathering to play wargames. This is not WABA endorsed or WABA affiliated, just a group of WABA members organising among themselves.

-If you want to see some of the games we played in previous WABA meets, see here for some games played at the February 2016 WABA Mt Claremont meet, here for some games played at the January 2016 Thornlie meet, and here for the Top 10 Most Played Games at WABA in 2014.

Happy boardgaming!

Ca$h ‘n Guns Tournament at February’s WABA Mt Claremont

WABA member Jason Funnell will be running a Ca$h ‘n Guns Tournament at the February WABA Mt Claremont meet. Ca$h ‘n Guns sees you take the role of a gangster splitting loot, but not trusting anyone else, you’ll be pointing foam guns at each other in order to be the richest surviving gangster!

This tournament comes with prizes and will be a single 8-player game. For more details and to sign up, see here. Will you be the one with the most valuable stash at the end?


WABA group-buy purchases with Milsims

All current WABA members will have received information regarding details about the position of WABA and MilSims relating to WABA group-buy purchases. Details can be found here.

Sausage Dice (Würfelwurst) Tournament!

There will be lots of games and gaming all day at the 2015 WABA Decembacon this Saturday, and one event that will be held is a Sausage Dice (Würfelwurst) Tournament!

Starting at 4.45pm, learn this dice rolling, push-your-luck game in 5 minutes and then compete to try win the tournament and a copy of the game as a prize. Will you be the one to combine dice, animals and sausages for the win? You can read more details and register to take part here.

We hope to have you join us in the Reiner Knizia’s Decathlon tournament and other great games at the 2015 WABA Decembacon!


Reiner Knizia’s Decathlon tournament

There will be lots of games and gaming all day at the 2015 WABA Decembacon, but one thing that makes the event special is the tournaments group games and other special events run throughout the day. One of those events is the Reiner Knizia’s Decathlon tournament!

Run each WABA Decembacon since at least 2010, take part in rolling over 10 events to get the highest score possible. Running from 11.30am to 5.00pm, you don’t need to know how to play before you enter (we will teach you the rules), entry is free and the winner will win a prize!

Will Tyrone Cheeseman defend his title from last year? Can anyone set new world records? What are the chances that Warren Adams and Ernest Chua both play again this year and continue as the only two people to have taken part in all recorded WABA Decathlon tournaments? Will YOU come and take home the win, prize and glory? We hope to have you join us in the Reiner Knizia’s Decathlon tournament and other great games at the 2015 WABA Decembacon!


2015 WABA Decembacon

We invite you and your friends to come to Decembacon! Celebrating a great year in boardgames and the successes of WABA, as well as offering lots of opportunities to reward our members and supporters, we have enough boardgaming goodness to fill two rooms on Saturday 12 December at the Mt Claremont Community Centre, 107 Montgomery Ave, Mt Claremont (the normal WABA Mt Claremont location) from 11:00AM to 11:00PM.

As well as the usual open gaming (bring your own games or play one of the 300+ in WABA’s collection), there will also be:
-door prizes;
-various tournaments, events and group games;
-a ‘for sale’ table where you may wish to sell games to/buy from other members;
-a dinner offer from the cafe;
and much more!
For all details about the 2015 Decembacon, please see Some events need pre-registration, so we encourage you to regularly check that link for further details.

2015 WABA Catan Tournament

Fifteen people took part in the 2015 WABA Catan Tournament on Saturday, 10 October 2015 during the October WABA Mt Claremont meet.

People were randomly allocated to one of four tables (three tables of 4 players and one table of 3 players) for one preliminary round, the winner of each playing in a 4 player grand final. There were tiebreak rules in case games went for too long, but fortunately all games ended in the standard first to 10 points.

All games has a random setup. In the preliminary round, players randomly sat at the table and the highest dice roller placed first, going clockwise thereafter. In the grand final, the highest dice roller chose first what in what placement position to go (1/8, 2/7, 3/6 or 4/5) with the players continuing to choose based on next highest dice roller.

On Table 1, Luke Phillips won on 10 points over Nick Measday and Jon Stoate (both on about 6) and Matter Salardi on 2 [I didn’t ask players to record/remember positions after 1st, so these are as the players best remembered]. On Table 2, Jack Zhu won on 10 over Blake Mathieson on about 8, Simon Thomas on about 6 and Rudolf Furchtenichy somewhere between 4 to 6. On Table 3, Victor Thomas won on 10 over me (Ernest Chua) on 9, Godlief Wesley on 6 and Sharon King on 5. On Table 4, Claire Delides won on 10 over Elaine Walker second (points unremembered) and Gary Crier third (points unremembered).

The grand final game was played immediately after the preliminary round between Victor, Jack, Luke and Claire (pictured from left to right). This was a hard fought game, with the typical resource gathering, road building and the atypical all development cards being bought. The players commenting that it was one of the longer games of Catan they had played, befitting the skill of the players to get to the grand final. In the end, it was Claire who emerge victorious on 10 points, over Jack on 9 points, Victor on 7 points and Luke on 6 points.

Congratulations to Claire on her victory. As part of her win, she won a $20 gift voucher to Tactics and the title of champion of the 2015 WABA Catan Tournament!



WABA (The Settlers of) Catan Tournament

The West Australian Boardgaming Association Inc. (WABA) is pleased to announce that WABA will be running a (The Settlers of) Catan Tournament at the October WABA Mt Claremont meet (this Saturday, 10 October 2015).

This is a casual/social tournament this Saturday starting at 1.30pm, maximum 16 people withone preliminary round and 4 player grand final (aiming to be finished by 5.00pm). Whether you want to learn the game for the first time or are a Catan veteran, entry is open to all and free, with the winner getting a $20 Tactics gift voucher! For full details and to enter, see